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Ornamental Tree and Shrub Spraying

Trees and shrubs need food just like grass, and most are planted in poor soil conditions. The lawn uses up most of the nutrients that are applied on the surface. Our system of deep root injections puts vital nutrients and bio–stimulants directly into the root system. Our special blend of organic nutrients will give your plants a defense against insects and disease.

Disease Control

Disease can be a silent killer. In many cases, when it is diagnosed, it can be too late. Our technicians monitor your trees and shrubs for early indications of disease. If disease is spotted, we implement a disease control program that is specific to the plant that is affected.

Tree Fertilizer

Tree and shrubs are alive. Like all living things they prosper with the proper nutrients. Tree fertilizer can be applied via deep root injections, on top of the soil and trunk injections. Your Lawn Crocs professional can determine what is right for your plant's life.

Insect Control

Just like your lawn, insects can ravage your trees and shrubs. We provide topical environmentally friendly pesticides for your tree care.

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